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Waller Picture Framing

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                  “Delicacy of detail is the essence of art.”  William Merritt Chase

Waller Picture Framing is a seasoned, world-class, custom picture frame designer and builder.  Providing Washington DC framing services since 1969, the Waller store is located in Middleburg Virginia and serves clients around the world. Each Waller frame is carefully designed and constructed by knowledgable artisans in his workshop in Hume Virginia.

Whereas some of the profiles used in Waller frames may be resurrected from centuries-old designs, stained with natural finishes and guilded. Others may be recast from the early 20th century. Whatever the style or genre, Waller’s carefully articulated presentation is second to none.

“I travel to meet with the best frame makers in the world— London, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Chicago, New York. I buy frames from more than 60 houses.”

Bill Waller is a deeply creative and well studied master craftsman who has elevated his craft to the realm of true art. When viewing Waller’s work one feels the profound importance of proper presentation.

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